Introduction to How Business Astrology Works

The Art of Astrology is based Upon the idea that there is a correspondence between what is happening with the job of the planets and the character of the person born at that identical moment in time. The basis for this idea is the fundamental notion that the world and all it is constituent parts aren’t separate entities but are intrinsically related to one another in a unified whole. What occurs in the very big, macrocosm or planets also occurs at precisely the exact same time in the very small, microcosm or human being. It is Not so much that the Planets influence the person as people generally think astrology states, although undoubtedly the Sun and Moon do. It is more that the planets position as well as the people nature are both a manifestation and expression of the exact same universal force acting upon them. After the system is so understood, what could be seen from the position of the planets will also tell us something of the essence of the person born under this identical moment.

An easy analogy to this is the way we use clocks to tell the time. Once we can read the time on a clock, we can know several things about what is very likely to be occurring in the world at the moment without needing to actually witness it. The Entire art of astrology Involves a lot of different components that are essential. It takes the time and put an event happened, which is most commonly the arrival of an individual. At the time of this event, Astrology then looks at the position of The Planets in the sky, the Signs, the Houses, and the Aspects between the planets. The first component used by Astrology is The Planets. There are ten commonly accepted planetary bodies whatsoever, with a few new ones still being debated by astrologers. These are The Sun, The Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. The Earth is also a basic part of business astrology in it is used to work out the rising sign and homes which we will discuss later.

In Astrological thought the Planets aren’t there by coincidence or through pure chance but are there based on the basic design and significance of the universe. Each planetary body represents a specific energy on earth; indeed, some would call this an Angelic force. This is backed up by several years of monitoring, literature, Mythology and really words in common use in our speech. For instance, Mars was always known As the God of strength and war and battle. Individuals would invoke this God to inspire them to victory. The red color of this planet epitomized novelty and energy and drive. We derive words such as jagged from it, which includes the institution of war, subject and a military order. Mercury on the other hand in Roman mythology was called the communicator and trickster since he could move so much faster than everybody else.