Advancement Platform for Visual Studio That Replaces Current Data Access Technologies

A little program can mechanize programming improvement at most organizations and supplant all current data access innovations. For 90+%, everything being equal, the product consigns and abstracts the greater part of the drudgery of use improvement. It was intended for sites and could be utilized for both intranet and web applications. It is incredibly quick, can be utilized by any individual who can code a site page’s HTML. It abstracts all parts of programming configuration, including the database. It goes past object-situated programming and may be classified idea arranged programming. Natural and simple to use by non-software engineers, it basically dispenses with the requirement for programming designers all things considered organizations.

A few highlights:

  • Structure for complex business applications with completely practical classes and item models. No impediments.

  • programmed data constancy of classes/objects with full decision of back-end database (text records to SQL Server to Oracle to Access)

  • various application support with single-client login

  • completely secure login (single direction scrambled secret word with salt worth) with secret word reset and login creation

  • job based security for each web application

  • programmed pagination of data access for fast access

  • shopping basket with scrambled Visa numbers inaccessible to designer or database

  • configurable installment strategies that help moment or portion installments

  • effective load-balancing across numerous workers for worker ranches

  • little DLL (~350k) runs in every IIS application measure

Generally, it is a completely useful application worker that is simpler to utilize than.NET or any Java-based arrangement and is without restriction on class, object, database plan or HTML design.

The load balancing software ingenuity layer maps put away techniques straightforwardly to business objects. Each call to the data layer incorporates the signed in client so database access can be bolted by client or through job based security. The planning layer is quicker than anything in ADO.NET by an edge of in any event half. Hopeful and critical record-locking is upheld albeit idealistic is the default. Business objects in.NET 2010 comprise of a couple of lines of code and backing custom hunt calculations and transient properties. Naming shows are normalized, anyway can be tweaked to suit the improvement principles at any organization. Database access is concentrated so DBAs will be very satisfied with the degree of control and security permitted to forestall unapproved admittance to delicate data.