Rothwell Gallery is proud to represent the work of a number of in-house artists. Our artists show their work in the gallery year-round, rotating it as they produce new pieces of art and explore different paths. Some are local, some are from different regions in Canada.  Most of our artists have additional pieces in our gallery which aren't shown on the website, so drop by to take a look!

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  • Lise Pageau


  • Lise Massicotte
  • Erika Deruaz
  • Jim Leach
  • Henriette Ethier
  • Irena Sherstuyk
  • Danielle Cloutier
  • Guy-Laval Grenier
  • Yong Suksamran
  • Naz Ikramullah
  • Donald Mahar
  • AndrĂ©e Christensen
  • Bev Durand
  • John Alexander Day